Jumat, 06 Mei 2011


My name is Mahmud Basuki, last year when I was still in Islamic Boarding School Of Assalam MUBA Palembang, I had a very funny experience.
One day after school, my friend (his name is Ade) and I were feeling hungry, so we decided to go to a food stall. However there was a situation, the previous day he had bought me lunch, so now was my turn to treat him. Before we went to the food stall we had a small conversation:
Ade     : Hey Mahmud, yesterday I treated you to lunch, so now it’s your turn to treat me.
Me       : It’s ok, by chance I have a lot of money to treat you.
Ade     : He he... today is my lucky day. By the way, what will we eat?
Me       : Hmm, yesterday you bought me Bakso, so I’ll buy Bakso for you too.
Ade     : Yes no problem, the important thing it’s nice.
Me       : Ok come on, please follow me to the Bakso food stall.
After this conversation we took our motorcycles from the parking area, and then we went to a Bakso food stall. After we arrived, we ordered two bowls of Bakso. After eating, we had a small conversation again between us:
Me       : “oh my God”!! (I scream loudly)
Ade     : What’s wrong Mahmud?
Me       : We have a big problem.
Ade     : What is it? (He asked anxiously).
Me       : My wallet is not with me, I forgot to bring it.
Ade     : What do you mean?
Me       : If I don’t have my wallet, it means I don’t have any money.
Ade     : Ahhh… if you did not have any money, why didn’t you let me know before coming here, I also don’t have any money.
Me       : Is that right? Oh my God, so what will we do?
Ade     : Ahh!! If you don’t have money, don’t be arrogant to treat me. Damn you!!
Me       : Sorry friend, it’s my mistake. Ok I’ll tell the stall owner that we do not have money?
Ade     :  That’s ok.
I told the stall owner that I wanted to go back to my house to get money, and then come here again to pay for it. But the stall owner didn’t permit me to do so. However, he suggested me to leave my handphone as a guarantee that I would come back. Because it was my mistake, I left my handphone as a guarantee, and I went back home to get money.

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