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Praise be to Allah SWT for the blessings and it is the author's grace to finish this book with a title Cikal Bakal Industri Unggulan di Kabupaten Musi Banyuasin (Tinjauan Potensi Sektor Industri Unggulan Kabupaten Musi Banyuasin). This book presents about Musi Banyuasin Regency South Sumatra which includes regional conditions, industrial resources, facilities and infrastructure, and empowerment of small and medium industries in Musi Banyuasin Regency

The hope of the writer in writing this book, namely hopefully it can provide information for readers about the potential that exists in Musi Banyuasin Regency. With the detection of the potential in the region, hopefully new opportunities will be created for the economy society towards a just and civilized welfare. 

The author also realizes that the writing of this book is far away from the word perfect, to that with all humility pleading with readers to provide criticism and constructive input to cover all shortcomings and weaknesses in this book. Finally, I hope this book can be useful for you the readers.

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